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$0.0075 = ¾¢ per call or text message

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We've developed a text message marketing platform
specifically for Small businesses and Real Estate agents

No matter what you're selling: chicken wings, houses or anything in between, you still need to get more customers and an effective way to communicate with them. This is where Plusmo comes into play! Run a Text Message campaign to improve customers engagement, use Unlimited Keywords to build campaign-specific list of contacts. Simply set a phone campaign to capture leads and provide information to your prospects. Or do it all for the best price on the market of ¾ ¢ per call/text message. To put this in perspective, $1 can help you reach 133 people... and with 96% open rate for text messages, Plusmo provides the highest return on investment.

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  1. Cost effective
  2. Tons of Features
  3. Simple Pricing
  4. $1 Trial


Text messages are highly effective for reaching out to customers.
An SMS are likely to be opened within just minutes of being received.
At less than a pennie per text, mobile marketing is not only
the most effective form of communication, it’s also the most affordable.

Unlike other companies , Plusmo allows to setup unlimited number of keywords for SMS campaign at no additional charge. Our mobile marketing solution can help you turn first time buyers into customers for life.
Opt-ins via Phone Call
What if you have an ad running on a billboard or a road sing? Your customers most likely can't stop and text a keyword. In most states texting and driving is against the law too. With Plusmo they can just call to opt-in.
Auto-response Messages
When subscriber op-ins via text or phone call, a custom welcome message is sent back to him automatically. This auto-response message can be changed at any time to fit your needs.
Schedule Messaging
Once you built your customers list, it's time to fill these "Dead hours". Offer an incentive via Text Message blast and get busy making money. It's gonna cost you $1 to send 133 text messages.
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited lists and subscribers
  • $0.0075 per Call/SMS (Extra)
  • DIY Communication flow setup
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  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited lists and subscribers
  • $0.0075 per Call/SMS (Extra)
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Try Plusmo for just $1.

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Smarter communications with Plusmo.

Unparalleled Flexibility to support your growth.
We want you to be successful and ready to provide our support.

Local phone numbers.

Get a dedicated local phone number.
Choose from thousands available or port- in yours.

Your customers' information is secure.

Plusmo is a Cloud Based communication platform.
Every communication with it goes via secured SSL tunnel.

Alla Realtor

This is the only marketing tool that I know of, designed specifically for Real Estate professionals. A call use to start with something like:"I'm looking at the house here and want to know...".. and then we spend several minutes figuring out what property is prospect talking about. Now the prospect requests information via phone or text and I receive a notification with their location and a phone number... Priceless!

Alla, Real Estate Broker
Arthur, Angus manager

As a business owner I'm always looking for ways to get maximum results from my marketing dollars. We spend a lot on billboard ads and I was trying to figure out which of them bring me the most business. So we got several phone numbers with Plusmo and post them on these billboards with something like "Call 400-5555 for special pricing". Caller gets a text with a coupon, we get our magic numbers.

Arthur, Owner of Angus Steakhouse
Sergey, Google Photographer

I meet with lot's of business owners and I use email as my primary communication cannel with potential clients. Soon I realized, that only 1 out of 5 emails is opened and only 1 out of 11 people email me back. I follow up with them to see what's up - they happen to be busy to deal with inbox. Once I added Plusmo into my marketing toolkit, sale closes at least 2x faster and the real gold is in upsell.

Sergey, Google Trusted Photographer
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We take pride in serving small businesses.
Give us a call, send us a text or email, we'd love to help.

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